Tips for Hiring a Grant Writer

Are you an individual, small business owner, or non-profit organization member who wants to seek government help? Depending on your need for the money, you may get help from government grants. Each year, billions of dollars are given to individuals, small business owners, local governments, school districts, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations. (more…)

How to Talk to Local Non-Profit Organizations About Government Grants

Non-profit organizations are one of the most common recipients of government grants. Government grants serve a purpose. That purpose varies, but it is often to improve health, reduce violence, and save the environment. Non-profit organizations also have a purpose. That purpose also varies, but many non-profit organizations are designed to help those suffering (more…)

How to Get Government Grant Money

Government grants are available to a wide range of individuals and organizations. Whether you are an individual seeking free grant money for yourself, the operator of a non-profit organization, a local government official, or a small business owner, you may qualify for and receive a government grant, but how? To get started, you (more…)