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Pro’s and Con’s of Becoming a Technical Writer

A technical writer is one who writes or rewrites technical pieces into a simpler form which can be easily understood by an average person. To become a technical writer, you would need to have the passion for writing and the liking for different industries, technical terms, and technology and so on. Like every other career, there are always two sides to becoming a technical writer, the pros and the cons.

The upside of this career is that it is currently at high demand; hence jobs are readily available in many different sectors. Also, this jobs yields a good pay and it increases with experience. On an average, a good and well experienced technical writer would be able to make a ballpark figure of about $90,000 a year.

In addition to that, another contributing factor to the pro list of this career is that it comes with many opportunities to discover the various gadgets, machinery, terms and technology advancements of our current times. This job would give you a great amount of exposure which would not only widen your general knowledge but allow you to be one of the first few to know about new products and services. Furthermore, by taking up this job, you would have the chance to pick the method of your job. Be it the 9-5 job at the desk or if you find that too mundane you could always opt for a job as a freelancer.

The downside of this job is that you would have to constantly make room for rejection. The writing world is one that is tough and competitive and you could easily be turned down if another person has got more experience or a better education. Besides that, your work would be one that leads you to live a mundane and lonely work lifestyle. This is so because you would be required to spend many hours alone writing and editing your article.

All jobs have got their ups and downs and it is up to you to weigh them out and make your decision based on that. So consider these points and take your career to the path your heart calls for.

Source by Rowena Fernandez

The Copywriting Crash Course – Copywriting Secrets Revealed

Product Name: The Copywriting Crash Course – Copywriting Secrets Revealed

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Internet marketers fed up with poor results…

“The Amazing Secret Of The Most
Profitable Sales Letter In The
History Of The World!”

losing money promoting your website… and…
start converting visitors to paying customers like crazy
(while generating serious cash flow for your business) with
the secret of The
Most Profitable Advertisement In History!

John Anghelache
Direct Response Copywriter

Profit-Focused Internet marketers

John Anghelache
South of the “Windy City”

If you would like to find out how
world-class advertising is really
created… and… use this secret to produce
promotions that can make you rich…
then… this will be the most exciting message you will
ever read.

In 1974,
Martin Conroy – then vice president of BBD&O
advertising agency – wrote a sales letter that…

letter consisted of two pages printed front and back. It
was mailed in a small No.7 envelope. Industry experts
believe no other piece of
advertising ever earned as much money as this letter. You see,
it only ran 780 words.

was commissioned to write this letter to sell subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal. It is considered the most successful sales letter
of all time.

Because it mailed for 28-years
straight with almost no changes to the original copy.

This letter
became the legendary “unbeatable” control.

after year it mailed in the tens of millions. Many tried, but
no one beat Conroy’s control for nearly three decades. In the
process, it made The
Wall Street Journal the
top financial publication in the country. The publishers
became filthy

Conroy etched his name in advertising history… and…
carved out a reputation as perhaps the best modern day

big question is: What was Conroy’s secret to
writing his blockbuster letter… and…

Actually, the answer is simple.

to insiders, Conroy did not 
up with the sales copy on his own. In fact, by all
accounts, he relied on a little-known “trick” to cheat
his way to writing the sales pitch.

I’ll tell you
more about that in a moment.

Before I do,
you should know that in 2002 Conroy’s control letter
was finally beaten. It was beaten in two consecutive
tests. In the first test, Conroy’s letter was beaten
by less than 10%.

However, in
the second and definitive test, it was beaten by 24%.

Which means
the new letter – written by copywriting veteran Mal
Decker – generated a staggering 24% more sales than
the original 28-year control.

question begging to be answered is: How did Mal Decker come up
with a letter that beat the “unbeatable” control?

Once again,
the answer is simple.

used Martin Conroy’s copywriting trick to cheat his way to writing the new

Guess what?
You, too, can use this secret to ethically “cheat”
your way to producing ads, sales letters, post cards,
emails, autoresponders, landing pages and any other
sort of promotional material you can think of.

the rest of this letter, I’m going to tell you what
this secret is and…

How To Exploit
Profit-Producing Powers!

My name is
John “Angel” Anghelache.

I’m a direct
response copywriter. For the past decade, I’ve created
hundreds of promotions banking tens of millions of

they couldn’t fulfill the orders fast enough. In the
recent past, several letters I’ve written generated
response rates of 28%, 19% and 13%!

In addition, I’ve
been hired and paid to write direct response copy by some
of the biggest names in
the game. Take a look below at what a few of them have to
say about me…

“When I read
the copy John wrote about my Breakthrough Copywriting
Seminar, I became so enthused I wanted to watch the DVDs
all over again!… He ‘gets’ it — and if you’re lucky
enough to have him write copy for you, you’ll profit
from it!”

Garfinkel,World Copywriting Institute

“”But more than
that his sales letter is pulling sales and making money,
which is the real world test. He’s an excellent
copywriter.”Dr. Joe Vitale,Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

“I have to tell
you the bullet copy
you just wrote for me is fantastic.
You pack benefit after
benefit into your copy that
practically glued my eyes to every page from beginning to end.”Yanik Silver,Sure Fire Marketing, Inc.

“John knows
what he’s talking about. I know, because I hired him! He
wrote copy for some of my clients in my copywriting
agency, which produced millions of dollars in sales.”Michel Fortin,The Success Doctor, Inc.

“John, I can
count the number of copywriters I’ll hire on one hand
and still have enough left-over digits to hold a pencil
securely. For the quality, timeliness and hassle-free
results you delivered, I’ll confidently
hire you again.”Peter Stone,PeterStoneCopy.com

I’m doing a little “name dropping”
here so you take me seriously. You see, I too use this
secret to shortcut the copywriting

you learn how to implement it you will always be able to… 

Out MoneymakingPromotions Quick And Easy!

me tell why this secret takes the guesswork out of
crafting sales messages. And allows you to get breakthrough response rates that can bring in huge and automatic profits.

Eliminates Writer’s Block Forever

of all, this copywriting secret removes all writing obstacles out of your way.

You will
never again face a blank page or computer screen and
wonder what to do. Once you know how this secret works
you can sit down and start writing your ad

There’s no
more fretting and worrying. No more wondering what to
say first… or… next. You’ll know where to start
and how to finish your ads.

have the confidence to piece together a promotion that rakes
in more money than it costs to run.

I think this
is the only way to really eliminate writer’s block for

Write Promotions In Half The Time

believe this is the fastest
legitimate way to write advertising copy that works. By using this
secret, you will cut your writing time in half. Maybe

You will
never feel lost in the process or unsure of the next
step. For this reason, you will move quickly and
efficiently through your ad from the headline to the
post script. When you’re done, you’ll have a piece of
copy worth its weight in gold.

you’ll save a lot of time as a result of using this

Produce Up To 300% More Effective

The copy you
write using this secret will be up to three times more
effective than anything you could think up on your
own. You’ll have a blueprint at your fingertips that
practically guarantees your success.

You can use
this secret to write brand new copy.

you can use this secret to test new copy against a
current control. In either case, your promotion has a
better chance to make
more sales and more money.

Let me tell
you something: You will never write the best copy
possible… if… you insist on creating it in a
vacuum. In other words, being too creative when it
comes to sales copy is a bad idea.

Instead, you
should find out what’s working. Then model success.
Think of it this way: Would you rather create a brand
new franchise… or… just model the successful
franchises – like McDonald’s?

succeeding is your objective… then… modeling success
is the smartest thing you can do.

Simple And Easy To Implement

Perhaps the
best part about this secret is how easy it is to
implement. All you do is follow simple step-by-step
instructions. Within a couple of hours you’ll know how
this secret works.

And you can
put it to use the same day. You don’t have to know any
technical copywriting stuff. You don’t have to get
bogged down in advertising formulas.

Heck, you
don’t need a writing background either.

The only
thing that matters is your ability to follow

you can tell by now, this copywriting secret is a good
ace to have up your sleeve. If you run or control a profit-oriented
online or offline business… then… this secret is

Because it
will allow you to come up with great promotions
whenever you want. You’ll no longer deal with the
usual stress and struggle. Writer’s block will be a
thing of the past. You’ll cut writing time at least in

Your ads will
produce up to 300% better response rates. You’ll now
have a formula for modeling advertising success.

Bottom line,
this copywriting secret is…

Unfortunately, no one teaches how to use it

of the ad writing instruction out there does not even
mention this secret. The few books that skim by it
encourage ad writers to skip it altogether.

face it: The advertising big guns do not want average
business owners to learn what this secret is. There’s
no conspiracy to keep it from you or anything.
However, the less you know the better for the ad

I’d like to ask
you a simple question: Would you like to discover what
this secret is… and… how to use it in your business
to create money making

someone without a pulse would refuse.

Because this secret
can transform your advertising from “so-so” into a profit-making
machine that never stops. Insiders agree, Conroy ethically
ripped off – or swiped – the concept and infrastructure of his
Two Billion Dollar letter from a letter written in 1919.

Back then,
copywriting and advertising pioneer, Bruce Barton, wrote a
letter promoting the Alexander Hamilton Institute’s Modern Business Course .

apparently swiped Barton’s letter to create his
blockbuster promotion.

Are you
surprised to hear swiping goes on in the highest
echelons of advertising? You shouldn’t be. Just about
all the top “penslingers” in the
world rely
on swiping (to some extent) when writing their ads and
sales letters.

problem for business owners who are not pro
copywriters is two-fold.

of all, nine out of ten people who try to swipe do it
incorrectly. If you swipe the wrong way you’ll land in
legal hot water. Your promotion may infringe on
copyright laws and smack of plagiarism.

almost guarantees a lawsuit. Second, if you swipe the
wrong way your promotion
will fail.

Swiping is not
taught in advertising and copywriting books. When people
try it they make some serious response-killing

For these
reasons, knowing how to swipe the right way is crucial to your
success. And, if you’re serious about putting together
promotions that work… then… you’re in luck.

I recently wrote a complete course on how to swipe
your way to successful ads. Anyone who wants to write
better copy… faster… will benefit by reading it

course is easy to read. It tells you exactly what to
do step-by-step. I use it when I write copy. You can
read the course and listen to the audios in one

Then, the very
next day, you can start using this secret to write
killer copy.

the way, it’s entitled…

a brief (very brief) overview of what the course

Copywriting Crash Course E-Book And Audios

The e-book and
MP3 audios are the “bread and butter” of the program.
I’ve taken all the filler out and condensed the most
important elements of swiping for profit into a
paint-by-the-numbers process. Each step in the system is

include only practical instruction so you can start
writing ads that work right away. Check out a few of
the secrets you’ll discover when you go through this

you’ll ever need to receive the highest return on your
advertising investment is in this course. You can read
the e-book in a couple of hours. Then, to reinforce
what you learned, listen to the audios whenever you

there’s more…

Bonus Audio Report

In the bonus
audio report I reveal how you can stay on top of
what’s working now in your market. What I mean is this: Right
now, countless promotions are running to sell similar
products and services as yours. Some of those promotions
are breaking sales records. Others are doing okay. Still
others are bombing.

If you knew –
beyond a shadow of a doubt – which promotions to keep
your eye on you’d always have a leg up on the
competition. I’ll show you my stealth
research and
development strategies. Armed with these tricks of the
trade, your promotions will almost always succeed.

This critique
coupon allows you to send me any piece of advertising. I
will put it under the microscope and show you how
to improve it’s pulling power. You can send me an ad for any
media including: website sales letter, direct mail
letter, post card, emails, etc.

wait… there’s even more…

Two Billion Dollar Bonus

I am going to
send you Martin Conroy’s masterpiece sales letter.

You’ll get the
original copy he wrote to take The
Wall Street Journal  to
the pinnacle of financial publishing success. This is the
letter that built an empire. I was not kidding when I said this
secret can make you rich.

really can!

Not only that, but
I’ll include the actual swipe Conroy referred to when writing
the two billion dollar letter. This promotion – written at the
turn of the 20th Century – will illustrate how Conroy swiped
crucial elements and put them in the The Wall Street Journal
subscription letter. You’ll be blown away by the sheer genius
of his approach.

you can copy what he did.

In addition, I’ll give you Mal
Decker’s new control that beat Conroy’s. This way you see
a side-by-side comparison of how these two
legends of advertising swiped.

You’ll see how Martin
Conroy swiped Bruce Barton’s letter to write his original
control for The
Wall Street Journal.
Then you’ll see how Mal Decker used the same technique to
write his control-beater.

Should NOTGet This Product…

be a bold-faced liar if I said this product is for


Sorry to

But, to be
frank, this course is ONLY for business owners
involved in some form of direct marketing… who are
fairly new to the game… who are flat out frustrated
with the results of their advertising… and who want an
easy and quick way to bang out online and offline ads
that make money!

that describes you… then you’re the type of business
owner who will get the most from this course!

important, you’ll realize how swiping correctly will
help you…

When you think
about it, this entire package is worth
millions of
dollars. In the right hands, the information I’m willing
to share with you will create wealth beyond belief.

would be a bargain at that price for sure.

However, I’ve
decided to make it much more affordable. Because every
business owner deserves this information… and… I didn’t want price
to be an issue. Maybe in the near future I’ll jack the
price up depending on what the market will bear.

now, you can…

Considering the
potential profits you stand to gain that’s a drop in the bucket.

Listen, I use the
copywriting secret I hinted at on this web page…
plus a few others I’ll share with you… to produce advertising that generates
millions of dollars in sales.

Here’s what my
clients had to say…

Publisher (An Inc. 500 Company) 


O’Bryan, Director The Milagro Research Institute


“Return On Investment Is A
Staggering 1,078.64%”

“Hiring John to write the copy for my
membership site has been very profitable. I wanted to
reach a realistic goal of selling 300 slots within the
first couple of months. But with the letter John wrote, I
sold 325 memberships in the first two weeks. My
return on investment in John’s copywriting services (so
far) is a staggering 1,078.64%. And since
there is a recurring service fee the ROI will grow each
and every month.”

Moore, SuperApprentice.com

I’m not saying you’ll
get the same results I do. But, if you apply the
copywriting shortcuts revealed in this course, you too can
create the type of online and offline advertising that gets you
customers, more sales and more profits. 

Plus… I’m taking all
the risk off your shoulders with my…

I’m positive anyone willing to implement
the strategies in this program can write better
advertising copy. The kind of copy that attracts droves of
new customers… floods your website or business with more
sales than you can handle… and… swells your bottom
line profits like crazy.

That’s why I’m willing to stick my neck
out for you.

If you’re a serious business owner,
you’re going to love this actionable course on writing
killer copy. You’ll use the information and see amazing
results. I already know that’s what will happen. So I’m
more than glad to put the burden of proof on my shoulders.

Get the course and apply what you
discover. Experience the results for yourself. Then you be
the judge. Take 8-weeks to decide if everything I’ve told
you is true. I think this program will exceed your

But, if for any reason you’re not happy,
just say the word. You’ll get a prompt refund with no
questions asked. I guarantee it!

you write your next ad, get this package.

thank me for it later.

Because once
you have this secret in your possession: you’ll never
worry about writer’s block again… you’ll slash writing
time by at least half… your ads will be up to 300%
more effective… you’ll know how to model success to
put the odds on your side… and… you’ll have a repeatable
process for crafting the most powerful direct
response advertising for your online or offline

Easy To Order… 

on the link below to place your secure order.

Within minutes,
you’ll be able to download this package and start using
this ad writing secret immediately. As a direct
marketer, you live or die by the power of your
advertising. Discovering how to swipe successful ads –
the right way – will make all the difference in the world.

Go ahead and
order now…


Disclaimer: Every effort
has been made to accurately represent this product and
its potential. Please remember that each individual’s
success depends on his or her background, dedication,
desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor,
there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any

John “Angel” Anghelache 

P.S. One more thing: Here are a few comments from

“…worth ten times what you are
selling it for…”

“Are you nuts? Do you realize the ‘real’
value behind this course??? Just last week I got a hold of
your new “Copywriting Crash Course” and found it to be
worth ten times what you
are selling it for…

For Pete’s sake John… I’m more than irked
right now. You’re making it too easy for anyone to compete
against us heavy
players in the copywriting world.”Stephen Davies


“…should be mandatory

“Your Copywriting Crash Course should
be mandatory reading for ALL copywriters and online
marketers, regardless of their experience level.

It’s powerfully effective, and solely
responsible for saving me at least 5 days worth of
frustration and ‘wheel spinning’ on my last copywriting
project. Your ‘break’ technique revealed on Page 30 is one
of my favorites. Not only has it helped me avoid writer’s
block paralysis, but I’m now able to crank out killer
sales copy ideas left and right, non-stop.

As a matter of fact, I can’t tell you how
many times I’ve found myself jumping out of the shower
(with the water still running!) and scrambling over to the
‘pen and paper’ drawer in the next room to jot down my
new-found ideas before they left my head. My wife yells at
me for the wet footprints and trail of water droplets, but
hey… she’ll get over it. Thanks again.”


“Wanted to say
thanks for the great course.”

I’ve listened to your program
a few times so far. Wanted to say thanks for the great
course. You explain swiping much better than the other
courses I’ve read (and there’s plenty of them).
Instead of just blindly copying successful ads, you show
what to look for… how to spot the emotional hot
buttons, the offers, the call to action… that make
them successful. Now it’s much easier to model a
successful ad, thanks to your program.


“…fastest way to
write great copy…”

“Wanna know the hands-down
fastest way to write great copy that you’re ever going
to find? Get yourself a copy of “The Copywriting Crash
Course” by John “Angel” Anghelache and you’ll have
everything you need to write great copy by the end of
this weekend.”

Vic Pattenaude,
Realtor extraordinaire
Ontario, Canada


“I’ve put many of your tips to use
on day one.”

“Enjoyed your Copywriting Crash Course
system. It was well laid out and easy to understand. The
audios and ebook enhanced each other. Knowing a lot about
swipes already, I’ve never seen anyone cover it so
thoroughly. The information brought my knowledge of swipes
to another level. I’ve put many of your tips to use on day
one. Thanks again.”

Roy J. Primm


ended up getting A crazy 7% conversion rate.”

months ago I purchased your copywriting crash course and
shamefully, I didn’t bother reading it until last week
(sorry but I have ADHD).
“Anyhow, I used your course to help me write a sales
letter for a WSO that I just launch (just a test no JVs
or affiliates)
“I ended up getting A crazy 7% conversion rate. And
that’s that I
launched it at the same time 8 other big launches were
happening that day on the forum. I did it with NO HELP.
“Thank you… I can only imagine my conversions
when I launch it officially with JVS and affiliates on
my side.”
Thanks Bro!Anthony L.


“After reading your
material… it was like
the lights finally came on.”

“I love the information your course

“I have 2 financial services products I am
trying to write copy for. After reading some very good
books on copy writing and how to get started with the
research, I was like…

‘uhhh…ok where do I begin? What do I want
to focus on in the research? Do I even have a clue on what
info to write down and once it’s I’m done researching,
what to do with all this data? What to say and how to say

“After reading your material I was like
‘YES! Hallelujah!” It was like the lights finally came on.
So again, thank you very much for an amazing product.”


Disclaimer: Every effort
has been made to accurately represent this product and
its potential. Please remember that each individual’s
success depends on his or her background, dedication,
desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor,
there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any


L. AnghelacheP.O. Box 495Dyer, IN 46311 

(219) 789-4456

@ thecopywritingcrashcourse.com

(c) John L. Anghelache. All Rights Reserved.

ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK® is a registered
trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation
located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho,
83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as
retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval
or review of this product or any claim, statement or
opinion used in promotion of this product.

Click here to get The Copywriting Crash Course – Copywriting Secrets Revealed at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Copywriting Crash Course – Copywriting Secrets Revealed is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

The Advantage of Using Feedback Form to Improve Customer Service

Feedback Form is one excellent medium for gathering comments, suggestions and customers’ views about your business. It is a good way of knowing how you are faring in your customer service.

If you have a feedback form attached to your website, you deliberately provide a gateway for continuous customer engagement. Of course, it is assumed that garnering more information from your customers through the feedback form means that you are actively responding to the information submitted to you.

With the ongoing trend where most of your customers are buying or shopping online, it is very important that your website has feedback form. It is also important that you must be candid about how you deal with the feedbacks being submitted to you.

Make sure that your feedback form is accessed easily. Offer several ways in which your customers could give their feedback. The customary feedback form will do but you must also provide email address, fax number, mobile and land phone. You may place an invitation for your customers to visit you personally if they wanted to.

Customers would be delighted to read your gracious attitude when after they submitted the feedback form they filled up a message of appreciation would pop up to welcome their comments. This creates the impression that your customers have great part in shaping your business as you express your gratitude and you are happy to act on their feedback.

Some sites provide animation and video to spark the interest of their customers to fill up the feedback form. For them, getting feedback from their clients is their way of gauging how they may improve their customer service. It is also through this feedback mechanism where they learn about the status of their products, especially those newly launched.

Feedback form could be presented as a poll where customers could tick their choice for the specific matter that you are presenting. You may opt to provide venue for discussing further their opinion.

Take note that you must be able to collate the information gathered through your feedback form and provide immediate actions, especially to feedbacks that need urgent response.

Expect more customer engagement when they are getting responses for the feedback that they submit to you. Meaning, you must clearly state in your website how your company responds to customer feedback. Present a customer-friendly feedback policy that is easy to read, understand and follow.

Don’t fret about the thought of being inundated with customer feedbacks, the effort and expenses to process the information. Think about what your business can gain successfully in your customer service engagement if you have a solid feedback form system.

Find the interactive feedback form that provides complete portal for getting customer comments and suggestions that is vital for improving your customer service engagement. Make use of innovative customer feedback form program that enables you to process and update information that comes through your site and other media.

Source by Jonan Castillon

Magic Article Rewriter

Product Name: Magic Article Rewriter

Click here to get Magic Article Rewriter at discounted price while it’s still available…


Laugh at Google’s Duplicate Content Ban when You Discover…

From the Desk of Alexander Krulik
Wednesday, 11:11am

There are tons of ways to generate traffic and build your business or practice online. There are new slick marketing ideas popping up all the time, one after another, claiming to be the next best thing.

However, one of the easiest, proven, most time-tested ways to attract new business and more traffic to your site is to become a sought after authority and gain expert status in your field. 

One of the biggest secrets that the top marketers don’t talk a lot about is the fact that they ALL have built their credibility, visibility, and their lists of gold by writing articles.

In fact, multi-million dollar online entrepreneur Ali Brown says that:

“This is a tried-and-true method that will NEVER stop working, unlike the latest and greatest gimmicks to spoof the search engines.
(Try one of those and see how quickly your traffic halts once the bottom drops out.)
Search engines love real content and will always love real content.”

And this is only scratching the surface…

As thousands of Internet Marketers already know, backlinks from articles offer the surest route to high rankings in Google, tons of free traffic and lots of targeted customers.

That’s what Yuwanda Black found out…

“I wanted to create more passive income, I decided to give article marketing a REAL try. I decided to submit one article to 25 top-rated directories for 30 days straight.
Only a week into it, my Google Adsense income has quintupled (increased 5 times) and my subscriber rate has increased three fold. And this is after ONE WEEK.”

Yuwanda Black,

There’s nothing better than seeing first-hand the profitable results of your article writing.

And it’s a “dream strategy” for many other reasons, too.

Increase web traffic – With article marketing, visitors can constantly come to your website.

Achieve massive publicity

Build your list of targeted prospects that want to hear from you right now

Boost your reputation, credibility, and name recognition

Gain link popularity & Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

Create affiliate relationships and JV partnerships with highly influential web publishers.

So if you’ve learned to write articles, then congratulations.

Writing effective articles and submitting them to popular article directories is the first step. But you also need to know the “Dark Side”:

Send the same content to 1000’s of places and Google ignores it…

You have spent 3 or 4 hours writing a great article.

You take another 3 – 4 hours to submit it to 100’s of article directories or blogs. Each site gives you a rank-boosting backlink.

Google only counts one. You get no credit for the other 100 or so.

Some unscrupulous marketers deliberately duplicate content across domains in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings or win more traffic. Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results.

It’s called “Content Spam”. Guess what Google does?

The ranking of the site may suffer, or the site might be removed entirely from the Google index, in which case it will no longer appear in search results.

By making sure every article you submit or post is 100% unique.

Most people rewrite their articles by hand. Selecting sentence after sentence and reworking the content. As you can imagine it takes them hours and hours.

But you aren’t like most people, are you? You know deep down in your heart that there has to be a better way. I knew it, too. I used software that was supposed to ‘spin’ my articles.

The problem was: the resulting articles looked like they were rewritten by a program.

I knew I could do it better. After many long hours locked in my office, I finally figured it out. How to rewrite text easily and quickly, that looked and read like it was professionally done.

And here’s what happened when I started using unique articles to drive traffic to my site…

Then I watched with amazement as my sales took off on autopilot!

Now I have a very important question to ask you: Are You Ready to…

With Magic Article Rewriter, you can save hours of tedious drudgery rewriting articles for posting to article directories. And best of all? It is so easy to use!

I understand why I bought the program. I hope it sells well for you, I know it will save a lot of time for me. 🙂

Tom Lyonswww.makingyoufindable.com

Let’s start with a quick walk-through Magic Article Rewriter right now…

With Magic Article Rewriter, you can rewrite your articles quickly and easily and make literally thousands of unique, well-written articles in minutes.

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

First Step: Open your article in Magic Article Rewriter or type it out in MAR

Second Step: Open the Synonyms box and select a word to spin…

There are over 30,000 words and their synonyms in Magic Article Rewriter. Plus you can easily extend them as much as you wish, and then reuse them in all your other articles.

Third Step: Change Whole Sentences

It’s wonderful that you can change individual words but the real power of Magic Article Rewriter comes from being able to exchange entire sentences.

Each sentence can be completely replaced automatically and randomly by Magic Article Rewriter.

And it gets even more powerful! Imagine spinning different words within each different spun sentence…

Final Step: Sit back and relax… Let Magic Article Rewriter do all the work!

You can either make one new version (Spin) of your article or you can “Mass Rewrite Articles” and save hundreds of new article files on your hard drive.

I have absolutely nothing but wonderful things to say about Magic Article Rewriter.

But that’s not all Magic Article Rewriter does…

To just spin words and sentences is great, but I wanted to add to Magic Article Rewriter’s effectiveness and speed. I wanted to make rewriting articles so fast your head will spin as your articles spun…

That’s why I came up with Tokens.

As you are working with the Synonyms you can convert specific words into Tokens.

Then when you want to spin a new article, instead of using the Synonym function on all the easy words, like “one”, “this”, or “that”, you only have to click the “Apply Token” button and Magic Article Rewriter does it all automatically for you!

Then all you have to do is go over the few remaining words and add variations to them.

Your set up time per article is cut by up to 80%, after you have set up your Tokens the first time.

WOW! Alexander
I bought your software, I’ve got to say I am so impressed I can’t hardly believe it!

I was able to spin 5 articles within 1 hour which normally would have taken me all day to accomplish. And the “Token” feature saved me a ton of time on the last four!

Your assistance was fast, easy to understand and very professional! Excellent software! Excellent price!
Excellent customer support!

I’d recommend Magic Article Rewriter to anyone! Buy it people!

Steve Crowley
Prairie du Chein WI

Magic Article Rewriter will help you rephrase your content in five easy steps:

1) Launch the Magic Article Rewriter spinning tool.
2) Load your original article into Magic Article Rewriter.
3) Select a word, sentence or paragraph you would like to rewrite.
4) Pick as many synonyms as you want throughout the text or insert your own variations. Use Tokens to speed up the process.
5) Press the rewrite button and get brand new, top quality, exclusive and unique articles!

This takes between ten and fifteen minutes per article and if you work with the Tokens database, you can be done in five minutes!

We use a secret (some would say “Magic”) formula to save you from the tedious job of constantly rewriting your articles.

You do understand that with Magic Article Rewriter, you could be creating hundreds of unique articles and watching your traffic stats explode…

Forget about out-sourcing article rewriting to the Philippines, Eastern Europe or India. you can be doing it yourself in seconds a day!

I have been in SEO for quite a while now with great results.
The problem was spinning content, and coming up with unique content. I have to say your tool was the best time saver I have seen.
For once I can spin an article and not have to proofread each version because I pick the words that make sense. I just did in 20 minutes what I did yesterday in about 3 hours!
Good thing I have the day off today, it is time to some damage to those search engines!
Thanks for developing and offering such a great price on this product!
Brent Sweet www.one-way-links-now.com

If you are one of the first 275 Fast-Action-Takers deciding to take me up on my offer today, I’m willing to give you a full 39% off the regular price of Magic Article Rewriter.

But space is extremely limited. As soon as we reach the maximum amount of members, I’ll be forced to increase the price.

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And for those who HATE writing articles….

27,000 PLR Articles for more than 800 niches!

Start using Magic Article Rewriter today, even if you have never written an article before…

And with this professionally written package, you probably never will!

But even if you like to write, it is important to have the best money-pulling keywords…

Making your articles into profit-pulling magnets requires a strong keyword list focused on your Niche.

Discover How To Make A Killer List Of
Thematically Related Keywords for FREE!

Once you are bringing lots of traffic from your keyword-rich articles, what will you sell your readers?

An entire industry has grown around online affiliate marketing since the mid-1990’s and it is getting bigger all the time.

Conventions are regularly held and attended by thousands of people and there’s even an offline magazine devoted entirely to the subject of affiliate marketing.

Entire affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Linkshare and Double Click Performics exist for the purpose of bringing merchants and affiliates together.

There are THOUSANDS of merchants with affiliate programs.

The Affiliate Marketing Handbook will get you started on the right foot.

And then all you need is an proven action plan to follow…

New Report Gives You A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Show You How To Create Your Own Money Making Website In Less That 48 hours!

Here’s a specific plan for you to start your online business in less than 48 hours (less than 2 days!) and what’s better is that you won’t empty your bank account while you’re doing it…

If you want to skip the steep software learning curve, and the confusing and time-consuming process of manually rewriting your articles…

If you want to forget about the complicated spreadsheets, the frustrating collections of thousands of keywords, and the costly errors that set you back even further…

In short, if you want to remove EVERY possible barrier between you and successful article marketing, with a tool that is GUARANTEED to quickly and easily rewrite your Niche articles, you need Magic Article Rewriter.

Even if you have no technical skills or business experience, you’ll be able to quickly and easily use this proprietary almost magical tool to quickly rewrite your niche articles and start driving buyers to your web sites — no matter how long you’ve been trying to do this on your own.

For just about the cost of web hosting for a single year, you’ll have access to this simple point-and-click tool that completely automates the entire rewriting formula.

In just a few “point and click” steps lasting just a few minutes, you’ll have unlimited unique well-written articles for your site, blog, article directories and much more, and you’ll be ready to start getting new traffic to your new website right away.

your new Article Submission software is great I have seen a massive boost in rankings for a very competitive keyword over just three days
This software makes article submission so quick and easy I am amazed you are selling it so cheap!
I just hope my competitors don’t find out about it! Nick Davison – High Impact SEO

Get immediate access to Magic Rewriter, covered by our complete no-risk guarantee, now, by clicking the link below…

Be one of the first 275 Fast-Action-Takers deciding to take me up on my offer today, and receive a full 39% off the regular price of Magic Article Rewriter.

If you’re still not sure if Magic Article Rewriter is right for you, here’s what I suggest you test-drive them with my…

When you claim your copy of Magic Article Rewriter, you will have a full 30 days to review your membership and ensure your satisfaction.

I am 100% confident you will be absolutely thrilled with everything you are about to discover…

But you are fully covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy, which means if you are not totally delighted with Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter, you will get a prompt and courteous refund.

Information marketing is a multi-billion dollar market, which is expanding every year, and submitting unique, well-written articles to hundreds of popular article directories is your ticket to dominating your Niche today.

Anyone with this system — regardless of experience or previous success — can now build a highly successful online business, beginning today!

…A system so advanced you’ll almost feel guilty with all the money you siphon off of the internet!

…Being able to live the internet dream of FREEDOM, because you cracked the secret code and never looked back.

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…Strolling into work and firing your boss because you make more money in a day than he/she does in a month

If you made it this far, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets that only advanced marketers will ever discover.

Download the programs, read everything carefully and take notes. Then, take action! Don’t sit around thinking “gee, that’s cool”, put it to work for you NOW!

Don’t wait. Take action today!

Warm regards,Alexandr Krulik

P.S. I mentioned this earlier, but just want to stress it one last time because I think it’s one of the most important benefits to you by using the Magic Article Rewriter system. Articles are at the foundation of any information-based product, service, or strategy you ever buy or sell. You MUST master this basic marketing strategy to make an impact in your market, or you will be left behind.

I’m sick of seeing internet marketers try to fool or distract you with the latest traffic gimmick or “traffic-secret-of-the-month”. You deserve to know just how simple and easy it can be to build steady streams of targeted visitors to your site just by using articles. Remember, that this method is also completely FREE.

And once you have your articles written & spun into unique versions for different directories… they’re evergreen! That means, long after you’ve moved on to other articles and projects, you will still see new traffic visiting your site from your articles.

Currently, the only way to get these bonuses is through this limited time offer. As a Magic Article Rewriter member, you get them absolutely free!

Alex I have just reviewed Magic Article Rewriter and appreciate the opportunity to have used it.

Let me tell you that I have essentially made a career on the internet writing and rewriting articles for my websites, blogs, article directories, videos, forums and ebooks – so I know what I am saying when I say there IS a need for a product like this.

To CLARIFY, for anyone shy on using spinners – this one is human controlled, meaning it only spins the content that YOU put in it. In my mind, this is a very clever, time saving, production boosting tool that every internet marketer can find a use for.

If you have ever bought any PLR content, Magic Article Rewriter can turn that dormant content sitting on your hard drive into money making, original articles.
Now Alex as a long time user and advocate for Power Article Rewiter, I was skeptical to try something new but I quickly learned how may features you jam-packed into this product to make it, IMHO the leading human article spinner on the market right now.

You have added the word count, synonym bank, and tokens to help speed things up even more, but I also noticed a rather quick and intuitive work flow and layout, so the actual rewriting doesn’t seem daunting – it seems like you are getting a LOT done in a little amount of time.

On the weekend I purchased the Magic Article Rewriter and the Article Submission software too. I rewrote an article and then used the Magic Article Rewriter to create accounts and submitted my article in the spin format. I used the same url but different anchor text.

The article was submitted on Saturday, today is Tuesday and I already have 27 published and over 100 waiting for review according to Article Rewriter, and my article has been downloaded 7 times, twice from the same directory.

Wow! Talk about fast results, your programs are fantastic. I had been procrastinating about writing articles because of all the versions needed to be effective. Now I can write just one and then easily make all the versions I need.

I also like the account creation and activation on the Magic Article Rewriter, for me it saves my wrist form all that clicking.
Thank you so much for creating them both.

Your new Article Submission Software really rocks !!
I bought it yesterday .. submitted 3 articles about a new sales page only published 2 days ago and I have made 4 sales already.

They came from direct links in the articles as that’s the only marketing
I have done for this sales page.

Thanks again.
Roy Tebbenham

I just wanted to let you know I just finished rewriting my first article and found your program to the best of it’s type that I have used – and I have tried at least six!
Thought you’d want to know.
John Thibdeau

In my opinion this is the best articles spinner that is available on the market today. the synonyms that are available and the ease-of-use is extraordinary.
Not only has a lot of time and effort went into the development of this software, but a lot of time and effort has went into the synonyms used inside the software.
Now, this does not automatically spin the articles, but it allows you to easily and effortlessly spin a readable and quality article.
It is absolutely amazing and a no-brainer for anyone who wants to mass-produce spun
Shannon Herod

wanted to provide some feedback on this tool. I took it for a spin (no pun intended) last night and the tool works flawlessly and is by far one of the best spinners out there. The best feature for me is the ability to export the spinnable articles for the various article networks (i.e. AMA, UAW, etc.).
Of course there are several other great features I could brag about but this one was the most important to me. I also want to say that Alex provides unbelievable customer support – the best I’ve ever experienced to be honest. I had a few questions after I purchased and he got back to me every time within minutes.I was very impressed. Thanks for creating such a great and useful tool and for providing terrific customer support as well.
It’s rare these days that you get both a quality tool and strong customer support. Kudos!
Shannon Herod

Magic Rewriter and Article Submitter are so fabulous that it is almost beyond belief that two such integrated products are available at such a great price. I’ve searched for Article Spinning software, and had a few that were both more expensive and not as powerful as MAR and MAS, so I can say Alexsandr has really done his homework in developing these two terrific products.

As for support, it is UNMATCHED in quality, Timeliness, and Professionalism. Alexi is brilliant and has demonstrated that in how he can quickly find the problem and fix it on-screen with you, using Teamviewer.

I highly recommend both of these Article Re-Writing and Article Submitting programs. You will have NO problems putting your articles on the web quickly, accurately, and without fear that something will go wrong.

Being able to automate the article submission process to nearly 1,000 directories with the press of a button is truly remarkable!

Saved me time and trouble of having to go through the hundreds of registrations individually over the course of days and maybe weeks with other programs versus an automated process that made me smile with delight! That is what Alexasnder does…He brings the entire process down to automatic, virtually one-touch article writing, spinning, publishing all within minutes.

Terry Kulp Hawkinsville, Georgia USA

Alexsandr you have saved me so much time I cannot thank you enough! I use to spend hundreds a day for a writer and now I press a button and I am done!

This program is worth far more than what you are asking! This is a must have for every marketing professional! Thank you for an absolute wonderful product!

Rodney Harperwww.kortia.com

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